Thursday, December 30, 2010

The dance of the peacock - part 5

Morning to all....yup still experiencing problem with my internet line..hopefully this entry will go through...And congratulation to the Malaysian team....but pelik why don't i feel the same excitement sewaktu I menonton aksi- Harimau Malaya dizaman super Mokh..yup we won last nite...but I still have to find my excitement

Ok...lets going back to the peacock..sorrylah if this story tak habis2 lagi...but please bear with me....let's talk about peacock...other than the of the most challenging part is the wings...for the wings...I drew the outline of the pattern and pinned it on the side of a round polystrine...and then piped the pattern....let it dry than only the way...semuanya I gunakan Super saved my made my life very much easier...All in all I piped 6 wings...when actually I only needed 2 for the peacock...As for the side..I wish I could do the runout technique..but time didn't permit me to do it..or else I wouldn't be able to enter the competition..coz it would take at least about 2 weeks to get it perfectly dry in our Malaysian weather...I guess that's also one of the reason why people do not want to do RI work for the wedding takes time and lots of kesabaran yg teramat sangat...

U guys must be thinking why did I do 6 wings when I only needed 2..and what did I do to the balance of the wings...Well I did use 2 of them for my peacock..but the balance didn't survive...4 of them broke sewaktu I nak cuba pasangkan ke badan...maybe some of u kata it was an easy job...well for this creation I always made sure I had plan B...if plan were to fail..then I would go to plan masa hendak pasangkan the wings according to my plan A all 4 broke...yup all 4 and balance 2 and if these 2 last pieces broke..that would mean..i would be sending a cacat peacock..peacock without wings..Actually I was so bercita2 plan A was to pasangkan sayap2nya terapung attachment to any base..but sebab no run out..the wings were my munchkin suggested that..why didn't I attach the wing to the base completely..which made sense since I only left with two final it was either I had to lupakan my cita2 yg tinggi melangit have floating 3D wings..and attach the whole thing to the base OR go to the competition with a cacat peacock..Well..I had no choice...I wouldn't want to go to the competition with a cacat finally the wings were completely attached to the base...that was my plan B...

Well hv to go now...lots of new projects waiting and I will update this blog as soon as possible...with lots of excitement ...I promise... ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The dance of the peacock- part 4

Salam to all...sorry coz had to menghilangkan diri buat sekian internet line was hijacked by my kids..maklumlah cuti sekolah....tau2 aje my volume being all used up so the line became vry had to wait until the line is back to normal baru dapat let us continue with the peacock...i'm sorry if this entry membosankan but i just nak documented my experience...a very expensive experience...only those yg faham sahaja yang akan dapat rasa the excitement...

Actually there were 6 peacocks in the competition and i didn't expect that...many people asked me..why did I choose to do a peacock? Well..I had no intention to do a peacock at all...what i wanted to do was to use all the skill and techniques that I learnt from Kelvin Chua's class...Infact masa dlm kelas KC lagi I dah terbayang nak buat something extraordinary for the competition using Royal Icing ...and since i know I do not know how to do extension work...he..he..he..infact until now pun I tak tahu mcm mana nak buat...So in my mind I nak buat something yg very I decided to do a my mind everything will be from RI piping work...all the bulu n the most important part was the tail....where it will be my master showcase..

for the tail..ada 4 sizes of feathers...and the design was my design..puas juga melakarkan design yg might look easy, but i had to make sure that every line touched each line..if not it would be really brittle...and of course the outline was using the runout technique...For the piping I used nozzle no 1 and it took me one whole week to finish the whole tail...Actually there were about 120pieces of the tail yg I buat..when actually i needed about 60pieces..had to double up coz takut it will break later on...Sakit tangan dibuatnya. Hopefully this won't scare u all to do the RI piping work...maybe sebab i silap technique or maybe sebab I stresses sgt..coz of mengejar after piping satu persatu kena biarkan about one week for it to be really dry before diangkat..and in my case i let it dry for two weeks...

The tail tidak dipasangkan dirumah...coz i would be really a long journey for this type of design and I'm sure it won't survive the journey if the tail dipasangkan dari Melaka...The tail dipasangkan di Tune Hotel choice...I had to find a place very near to sunway Giza where the competition was held...and all in all about 68 pieces were used for the tail..and by the way..dibawah kepingan RI I terpaksa gunakan kepingan fondant sebagai support...Frankly speaking I was so nervous about this design...all what I know was..this design had to work or else..i would not have anything to showcase for the I didn't want to take any risk..So all the pieces were glued with RI itself..and tell u guys..I broke lots of the pieces during the process..salah sentuh sikit pecah...salah letak sikit patah..tak bernafas dibuatnya sewaktu pasangakan kepingan ekor ni...but finally sipa juga...and ekornya melingkari keseluruhan kek... something to do..ha..ha..ha..i'm trying something new now..let it be a secret for the time being ..but for those yg in my FB friendlist mesti dah dapat agak apa project terbaru I..until kita berjumpa lagi salam sayang and pada yg selalunya sibuk mencari azam tahun baru..selamat mencari...and by the way..azam tahun ni dah terlaksana belum? :P

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