Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am a rookie....

I am totally a rookie in this baking industry....tak pernah terbayangpun yang I akan ada blog mengenai cakes...cakes and cakes...especially cupcakes.....I was in the financial industry..actually in the investment industry for more than 15 years....but decided to take a break from the industry...I love investment but I guess it is time for me to do something which can be a therapy to my mind right after my mum passed away....

Actually I've started baking when my mum was around...2 months before she returned to Allah Al-mighty , somewhere in October 2008...she was the one who gave me my first industrial was for my birthday present which was supposed to be in February 2009...I can still remember the day....I duduk berdua with mak...and tak tahu kenapa that day I boleh merayu sangat-sangat pada mak minta birthday present untuk tahun 2009 sedangkan waktu tu baru bulan Oktober 2008. Lagipun I tak pernah minta apa-apa from mak. I jenis anak yang believe, I am the one who is supposed to shower my parents with apa yang I mampu beri...not the other way round...but masa tu I tak rasa malu langsung..sedaya upaya I merayu pada mak supaya hadiahkan mixer untuk bithday I and siap cakap kat mak, if mak bagi birthday present awal nanti mak tak payah risau lagi nak bagi I birthday present untuk tahun hubby and my father siap cakap I muka tak malu minta birthday present awal..but I tak kisah..I nak juga...siap duduk sebelah mak and peluk dia minta early birthday present...Mak senyum aje and dia cakap dia nak balik jumpa kawan dia. She went home, but after 5 minutes she returned back and terus buka tangan I and cakap " Nah Long, mak hadiahkan pada Kak Long untuk harijadi Kak Long ." I was so stunned coz dia masukkan segulung duit RM50 berjumlah RM1500. Yup, that's my mother....dia pandai berjimat but pemurah. Mungkin sebab tu rezeki dia sentiasa melimpah ruah.

I buat kecil-kecilan. Started from my first order...which I terlupa nak amik gambar..terlalu first order from Nurul di Bukit Rambai, Melaka. She ordered 20 ketul kek pisang and 20 ketul kek kek pisang Alhamdulillah was okay..but my marble cake..merekah kat tengah lah, tak masak and bermacam-macam lagi...I was adjusting to the new oven...but mak was always there bagi semangat untuk I...she said my cakes look good and sedap, padahal merekah kat tengah..but alhamdulillah dengan doa dari mak I berjaya fulfill the task...thankyou mak.


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