Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back and Selamat Hariraya.

Selamat hari raya for all my muslim sisters and brothers...For the whole month of Ramadhan, I had never updated this blog..due to time constraint..I was so busy with my hariraya orders...kek lapis / layered cakes especially. Yup, I did hundreds of Serawak roll..and that was my first experience and it was fun...I aslo bake the normal layered cakes...prunes, mixed fuits, betawi, cheese, choc and the very famous hawflakes layered cakes. So for those who are interested to be an agent please contact me personally.

These are the first 100 of Serawak now I have lots of different patterns already...

My normal layered cakes...the hawflakes are the favorites

This special layered cake was specially bake for my VIP corporate hampers..that was also one of the reasons why I was so busy during the month of Ramadhan..making corporate hampers..and I would like to thank you my dearest friend Emilda @ Dot for having the trust in me to do the hamper for her company...Emilda Architect. When she placed the order she had no idea how the hampers were going to look like...everything based on the trust that I will give her my compromise on customers satisfaction..will post about the hampers later

It was a month which I barely had enough sleeps..It was very tedious to do the Serawak roll..starting from baking the cakes, cutting the patterns in small pieces, "gluing" the cut patterns, wrapping the cakes with the outer skin and finally the packaging..the whole process was very tedious and time demanding..and I thank Allah for the good health during Ramadhan.

Other than the kek lapis, I also had my other normal cakes...birthday cakes...and I had my orders till the eve of hariraya...maybe some of you might be thinking that I was all out for money...It is a big "NOPE"...actually I was trying to busy myself and forgetting about my sadness...the first time celebrating Ramadhan and Hari Raya without my darling mum. Only those who have the same experience will know how it feels...I never care for hari raya..this is the first hariraya in my life where I never bother about..infact I had the dates mixed up....I was lucky the lady at my regular florist where I bought my wekly orchids for my mum's grave reminded me that we would be celebrating hariraya a week earlier than the date I had in mind...then only I realised why my customers kept on reminding me about their cakes..but Alhamdulillah I managed to fulfill all the orders on time.

So by baking the cakes, I didn't have the time to cry my heart out...actually lesser time for me to cry..nangis tetap nangis...can't explain or describe perasaan rindu pada my darling mum...that was the main reason why I made myself busy...however, Alhamdulillah I still have my darling abah around and it was very sad to see how he missed my mum..well, all in all hariraya did not mean anything to me this year what I told my munchkin and my brother, hati mati untuk beraya..guess better stop here before I start to cry.


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