Friday, October 2, 2009

Battle of the Titans

Nope...this is not raya cookies..and it's a different Ben10 set requested by a very charming "mak Datin" from KL for her son's birthday...she saw the BEN10 set which I did for my friend Azma and she wanted the same set...The best thing was..she sms me a month before the due date...and she sms me at 12.15 midnite. I just laughed at the msg thinking that it was just a prank msg..but I still replied her sms. Suprisingly, she was serious and she wanted the same set for her darling son...soooo...after few sms I decided to ring her up which was about 12.30 midnite and politely rejected the orders since she is in KL and I'm in Melaka, infact I recommended her to somebody in KL but this "mak datin" insisted me to to do it for her and she would come down to Melaka to pickup the whole set..and it was a set of 50 cuppies...well, finally I agreed to her request...

The delivery date was in the 2nd week of Ramadahan and actually I was busy with my Serawak Rolls..but since it was a special order from someone special, I decided to take a break from the kek lapis project and concentrate on this Ben10 for 2 whole days...yup two whole days...sometimes people do not understand why some of the cakes are pricey....its due to the long labour can't just spend about one hour and expect a very good and detailed artwork...normally I do not like to compromise on the details...I would try to get as closed as I could for every small details...that's the price of an artwork..but frankly speaking my cakes are very reasonable priced and normally I would ask for the budget first to decide the kind of materials that I can use...he..he..he...most of my customers would agree with the end I would go overboard with my artwork but still charge them the price which I quoted...that's very normal of me....

As for the set...I decided to come up with the characters from Ben10 Alienforce too...let me introduce you all with the characters...

The gang from Ben10 Alienforce

The gang from Ben10

To "Mak Datin" darling thankyou very much for your order....I had fun doing this set. Tq for your trust in my artwork.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for making these cupcakes for me! it did mean alot...very motivational! :)
insyaallah, i will be an honest doctor..and x wat the same mistakes like the doctors that treated ur mom wrongly.


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