Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy bday Apa...from Puduki

This cake was specially requested by Anjali for her father's 55th bday..but she wanted the cake to picture her daughter...Niranjana..the only grandchild int the family. Initially she wanted an edible image of Niranjana to be on the cake...but than she changed her mind after having the thought that the picture of her darling daughter would be cut and eaten...phew lega..coz I memang tak suka buat edible decoration.

Sengaja I buatkan concept yg begini..coz it was supposed to be a cake from the whole cake had to picture Niranjana...playful, cheerful..and babyish....istimewa untuk Datuk I buatkan a figure of "Niranjana" with her milk bottle and favorite toys...and tak ketinggalan bantal busuknya yang ada nama Puduki..nama manja panggilan atuknya. And tulisan India tu I yg tulis sendiri..he..he..he...sebenarnya suruh Anjali tulis perkataan "atuk" dlm tamil..and I copy sajele...

Kek ini disiapkan petang raya...and terus dibawa ke Seremban untuk sambutan harijadi bapa Anjali...she called me masa dinner tu..her mom wanted to speak to me...she was happy with the cake and she wanted to order a special cake for Niranjana's 1st bday...a special big cake...and I was so excited when she told me about the concept that she wanted...hmm..let it be a secret.....can't wait for the day to come...another challenge for sure..Baack to this cake....Anjali siap tanya I a very funny question...lilin tu boleh makan tak kak? Selamba I jawab, tak boleh makan, I belum belajar buat edible lilin...ha..ha...ha..since she had seen all my cakes with all the edible figurines...she thought the candles are also edible...gelak I dibuatnya.

To Anjali thankyou very much for your order...actually this was the fourth or fifth orders from her....I definitely will do something special for your mom's request..


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