Thursday, October 8, 2009

More black and white cakes

I love black and white looks very elegant and it saves your day when the customers do not know what they the fact that they want something simple, not colorful, something sweet and elegant...jadi kek hitam putih pasti akan jadi penyelamat.

This cake was specially made for Lela's mother and this was my first heart shape cake. Why so simple? I just wanted to make something simple but sweet and special. she told me her mother does not like complicated things and everything had to be in order..not really colorful but then she does not know what's her mother's favorite in order to play safe...I came up with this black and white cake...with the word..mak ratu hati...which, you are the queen of my I wish I still have my queen of my heart around :(

This black and white cake untuk majlis pertunangan anak sepupu I ...sebagai hadiah untuk pihak sebelah...actually my schedule was so tight already..tapi sebab sepupu buatkanlah juga...a very simple cake...coz masa memang suntuk..I only had about 20 minutes to do the tak boleh fancy2 and I told her in advance...dia tak kisah as long as I buatkan dia satu cake...sebab tu I cakap, kek hitam putih pasti akan jadi penyelamat dlm waktu2 kecemasan. She was really happy with this cake...cantik sangat katanya (I urut dada lega..coz this cake terlalu simple)...he..he..he..actually she had order kek bertunang dari kedai be honest..bukanlah nak cakap apa...kalau I..sure I akan pulangkan balik...kesian tenguk dia..and masa i handover this cake..dia sedang termenung depan cake yg ditempahnya..and when she saw this cake ..she was sooo happy...walaupun to me..this cake was so simple..anyhow syukur Alhamdullillah..

Yang ini pula...untuk majlis pertunangan juga..tapi sebagai buah tangan sahaja..memang dah dicakap fancy decoration...just put it in a simple box...soooo inilah hasilnya...


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