Thursday, November 18, 2010

The dance of the Peacock - ICCA WEDDING CAKE COMPETITION - part 1

Salam to semua..had been away for a very long time....busy with syawal projects, competitions, demos and orders...and juga menghadapi dugaan2 dari Allah...alhamdulillah, Allah has given me n my siblings the strength..and hopefully iman kami terus kuat untuk menghadapi segala dugaannya...Hopefully masih ada lagi yg sudi singgah di blog ini...Yup talking about competitions..I joined two competitions...cupcake competition in King Hin first ever competition..alhamdulillah was the champion..but it was a dissapointing competition..tak payah lah i beritahu kenapa...The second competition was the ICCA wedding cake competition..and I only had three weeks to prepare evrything...menggelabah juga dibuatnya coz all my friends dah bersedia sebulan sebelum....oh dear....but lega juga coz I already had something in mind..And apa ye?

Well..since this is my first national competition..i masuk bukan untuk menang ..I just wanna cari pengalaman since I know ramai senior decorators yg akan join..termasuklah my own sifu...Kelvin Chua from Vinism Sugar Art...among others are Shahril...Mad About Cake and my best friends in cake decorating world..Pualine Po Soo...student Calvin Mark, Mama Min...malaysian Debbie Brown.., Liew Man Kwan..the handbag queen, Louis Ng..a very talented young artist especially in novelty cake...tell you all..I was quite nervous actually...But I still wanted to do my best and I just wanted to suprise everybody especially my sifu with my me winning is not important..the most important thing is how my creation will attract the needs to be a creation with a WOW FACTOR...Definitely I had to do something different from others...something yg org tak akan buat...and it definitely couldn't be a normal wedding has to be something totally different..something crazy...and I know I was taking a risk...risk of people kata I gila...ha...ha..ha..memang gila pun kata munchkin I...

I chose Royal Icing as my main medium..and it had to be 3D...everything..tapi apa ye yg I nak jadikan 3D had to be something yg majestic...the whole thing had to be 3D..the only thing that came to my mind is a peacock...coz of the tail..and the feathers...and ideas of the tail I got it from my MIL's carpet..yup from a carpet...That's me..whenevr I nampak something yg cantik ..I memang really excited and always fikir how to apply on cakes...I just love beautiful designs...bila tenguk corak tu..terus bayangkan how I would do it...and the best thing was...I started to do my work right after sampai rumah my MIL's house ..and it was raya kedua...There was no raya for me..terus keluarkan my artblock, pencils and lain raya..I sibuk lakar idea for my cakes...Ha..ha..ha..bagus punya menantu....but my MIL was very supportive..kept on asking me the progress..I guess I'm a very lucky person...evry family members termasuk ipar duai were also excited about the competition...Maybe u all tak percaya...I was also busy doing all the cuttings for the tail cutouts dalam kereta while temankan my MIL beraya..we were on our way to Ulu Tiram to her brother's house..and thank God ..jalan jam waktu tu..first time in my life..i appreciate jam.......Well had to stop here..hv orders to prepare...will continue updating as soon as possible...with more excitement to share...salam sayang utk semua ;)


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