Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silver Garland

salam to all...for the past few days I had been so busy..practising my hands on sugarpaste flowers...and for my wedding cakes next week. It had been a very long time since the last time I updated this bloq with my wedding usual excuse org malas....BUSY...terlalu sementara mempunyai kerajinan, I will present to all of u a very special cake commissioned by my special friend who always trust my artwork walaupun masa ni I baru berjinak2 with wedding cake..talking about wedding cakes..nowadays ..ramai yg sudah labelkan I with wedding cakes...and some were suprosed when I told them..i also buat birthday cakes and artwork is not limited to wedding cakes only....but i'm very honored to be labeled as wedding cake designer..And I'm so happy coz setakat ni tiada repeated desing..every design is specially done for every of my special customers...that's why if u all notice....that's what I have on my business cards.."Your Special Day is Ours too" and I'm really sorry if ada request from customer asking me to reproduce the same cake had been rejected by me...coz as what I promise...the design is highly customised and special for one customer setakat ni..semuga Allah terus memberi ilham utk berkarya...Ha..ha..ha..when ordering cakes from me, please don't expect to see the layout or the sketches of the cakes upfront..To be honest..I always have rough ideas what I want to do in my mind..but when it comes to the actual cake it will be different..coz I believe sketches will kill my creativity...I don't want it to limit the beauty of my wedding cake...

Ok..back to the cake...notice the toppers...aha..what happen to flowers..why abstract flowers...Hmm this cake was done for a I nak this cake looks "handsome" lol..and I was glad the color chosen was silver n lagi le bertambah "handsome" my cake..Ha..ha..ha...cake pun "handsome"...Yup that's how I treat my me my cakes are just not cakes have to have characters...ha..ha..ha..macam2 I ni..but that's how I see my cake...and that's the reason why I'm in love with cake gives me the chance to showcase my ideas...I just love to be different...Actually it was easy to do this toppers...just guna cutters but so sorry I lupa which n my bad memory... ;p

Let me start with the top tier ...As I had mentioned earlier...I wanted this cake to be very handsome n masculine...but at the same time I also want the cake to have some loving and romantic I chose to use my love mould bought from SF..and it was fantastic...and all the designs at the side were done manually with various cutters that i could find from my collection.

Second tier same technique...fondant cutouts too...more masculine look...but romantic... ;) Actually pening juga nak susunkan design yg sesuai..habis tunggang terbalik I susun cutters to get the desired design..

Bottom tier..basically the same too...masculine but romantic...and evertyhing was airbrushed with silver n pearl sheens...Yup, I love my airbrush.

So here is the whole three tier wedding me it's very handsome, masculine and romantic...that's how I see the cake...hopefully u guys agree with me..but different people different view...that's what make our life intresting..

So finally the cake was delivered to the venue..and I was so happy to see that my cake matched with the setting..alhamdulillah...Evrything was silver and the table top matching sgt dgn the design on my cake...and the happiest thing I got to meet my dearest friend together with her family members..I really enjoyed being with them and listening to their babblings...Hilang rasa penat when they really love the cake...

Sehingga kita bertemu lagi in my next entry...always believe there's no limit to creativity as long as we believe in be honest...even my darling munchkin selau cakap dgn I..infact up till now..he kept on saying.." Semenjak I kenal u, I never know that u hv this creativity side of yrs....Setau I ..u are so keras tangan" munchkin also tak percaya...So i guess I just have to show more wonderful work of that he percaya..ha..ha..ha..Hingaa ketemu lagi salam sayang and always stay psotive..the sky is the limit, insyaAllah...


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