Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A special dedication for Evi Andriati

This entry is specially dedicated for someone who is very kind and special...may God bless is dedicated to Miss Evi Andriati...somebody whom I've never met..and I only got to know her via emails...thank you to the modern makes our world borderless and enable us to reach others in seconds regardless where we are. So...who is the special Evi Andriati? Just follow the chronologies of the emails....

shikin basiron to evi_andrianti
show details 11/21/09

Hie, my name is shikin...and got to know that you know how to make a box cake with the lid you mind sharing how to hold the lid open? Tq in advance...

Evi Andrianti to me
show details 11/21/09

Hi Shikin thanks for your email.

I will post it in my blog. I made cake box one today and I will make step by step how to make it. Hopefully will help you.
I just follow the steps from Confetti Cakes by Elisa Strauss. Really good book.
I let you know tonight.


shikin basiron to Evi
show details 11/21/09

Thanks Evi..appreciate that...i've google the net but couldn't get any...terima kasih sis...
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shikin basiron to Evi
show details 11/23/09
Hie Evi dear, sorry for the late reply...I was sick for two days..thank God, i'm on my feet now. was very kind of you...may God bless i think i know how to do it...your instruction is very clear..tq again dear. I'll show you the photo once I got it teh way do visit my humble blog at I'm a rookie in this baking the way i'm from malaysia..Tq so much and hope we'll keep in touch.

Evi Andrianti to me
show details 11/25/09
That's fine Shikin.
let me know the results whenever you are ready :)

I just looked at your website. I like how do you put the flowers on the bingkisan istimewa untuk tuan Puteri. Beautiful. Those are beautiful roses too.


Itu adalah diantara bingkisan2 emel diantara saya dan Evi...a sweet Indonesian lady and cake decorator yg bermastautin di Melbourne, australia. Saya tidak pernah mengenal beliau langsung sebelum ini...infact tidak pernah mengetahui kewujudan seorang gadis manis yg terlalu baik hati...Emel yg pertama saya kirimkan pd waktu tengah malam selepas melihat blog beliau di dan beliau telah terus membalas emel saya dgn mengatakan beliau akan menunjukkan caranya step by step..I was so surprised...beliau dgn ikhlas hati telah sudi membantu saya..malah sanggup menunjuk cara langkah demi langkah...Evi memang memeranjatkan saya...I was so amazed with her...a sweet lady yg sungguh kreatif menetap nun di Melbourne sanggup mengajar saya....Tentu ramai juga yg akan terperanjat...coz didalam dunia yg serba maju and dimana ramai yg berlumba2 untuk mengejar kejayaan..terlalu kurang sangat manusia yg mempunyai hati budi seperti Evi.. and the very next day she posted the step by step of making a shoe box cake..hanya Allah yg dapat membalas jasa baik Evi..walaupun tidak pernah mengenali I, dia dgn ikhlas hati menurunkan ilmunya kepada I....

Step by step making shoe cake box

Yesterday Shikin emailed me about how to make a shoe box cake with the lid open. And just the perfect time because I have to make a shoe cake for Marsha today. So I took the photos step by step. I hope this will help who wants to make this kind of cake. Sorry about the photos, not enough sun in my living room as Melbourne had a dull day today.

There is a book too which is really good one from Confetti Cakes for Kids by Elisa Strauss. She explains step by step very clearly. Very recommended book :)

Do visit Evi's site...she is a very talented cake decorator...and banyak ilmu yg diturunkan di dlam blog beliau. Well, hv to stop here...I will post the result in my next entry...cuba teka apa agaknya (some hints from the pictures)...of course it's not a Nadia and Shikin, both of u hv to seal yr lips tight..;) nanti mengelat namanya....

To Evi...thanks a million for yr help...there's no word that can describe how I appreciate yr kindness...May God bless u..and semuga kamu bisa menghasilkan karya2 yg mengkagumkan...terima kasih seikhlas hati dari seorang sahabat di Malaysia..muga kita bisa ketemu satu hari nanti...


Evi said...

Thanks Shikin :) . Really made me speechless read this post. I am glad can help you and others :)

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