Saturday, August 8, 2009

Emergency Ben10 cuppies

This set was asked by Sis Shoba...last minute order...tak sampai 24 jam...and it was my 1st Ben10 set....oleh kerana kesian..I pun pandailah buat janji...but bila balik menggelabah coz I kena fikir apa yang boleh I buat dlm masa yg singkat..puas I google pasal Ben10...and finally I hire peminat2 kecil kids..they were the one who suggested to the omnitrix logo...all the while..I thought omnitrix logo to satu aje..rupanya banyak and berbagai-bagai warna..ikut pertukaran now I can claim I dah kenal semua alien Ben10...he..he..he...nope..only two days ago I got the chance to sit down and tengok cerita Ben10 the movie..and guess what...terkikik-kikik I gelak..coz all the while I ingat all the aliens to gedabak2 macam transformers...rupa2nya si Greymatter tu..kecik aje...our drinking glass pun lagi besar...hmmm..well anyway...Shoba was happy with it..her brother too...and according to Shoba her mother was so pleased that she requested a set of birthday cuppoes for Shoba...and on short notice lagi..hmmmmmmm....


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