Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Farmyard story 9 - the magic faraway tree

I'm sure ramai yg pasti baca buku ni masa zaman kanak-kanak dulu...I love that book so much....a story about a magic tree..and everytime there would be a different land on the top of full with fantasies and happening things..if life can just be like that...without sadness and sorrow..just happiness...but then it won't be known as would be called as "dreams" and my dreams..

I learned to make this magic faraway tree from Kak June...nak tahu macam mana? Tu kenale pergi class dia..but as I've said before...all these needs imagination and I'm sure everyone of you out there can do the same...coz all these figurine things are just like main dgn tanah liat waktu kita kecik2 dulu..except that this "tanah liat" is edible..happy constructing...


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