Friday, August 21, 2009

More pictures of the tunnel and steam engine

Ramadhan Qareem...yes..finally bulan mulia yg kita rindui mengamit kita all muslim sister and brothers..Ramadhan Qareem..let's pray that Allah will grant us with good health...and strong Iman...and let us maximise our ibadah..and let us pray that Allah akan beri peluang pada kita untuk menjumpai malam seribu bulan...

Sayu hati coz this is the first ramadhan yang I sambut and lalui without my dearest mum...It's so different without her is not the same without her...pd rakan2 yg masih berpeluang untuk merasakan kehangatan pelukan seorang ibu..jagalah hati ibu dengan sebaik2nya...jgn merungut or tarik muka if mereka berleter..coz once mak kita tak ada..kita akan merindui semuanya..and I really envy those yg masih ada mak....for the past months life had change dramatically for me...and that is one of the reason why I choose to do cake ddecorating...coz once I'm busy with a cake...I will "be in a different world" ..a world where I can forget about my sorrow and sadness...I miss my mak so much...and betul kata Allah..syurga bawah tapak kaki ibu..and kasih seorang ibu dibawa sampai ke syurga...If only I would have another few seconds to be with my mum..I will never let her I wish.... :(

Ok...let us forget about rindu yg tidak are few pictures of the steam engine and the tunnel..Ignore the's to strengthen the rail track so that it would look like as if it was dangling....


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