Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally.. SuperTheva reveals his handsome face

So sorry...the shot was not really good...but I was quite please with my "copying work" I guess i managed to get as close as possible to the real handso,me Theva...what do you say Vanitha??? He..he..he..only his darling girlfriend can justify the "resemblance"..

Actually I was late in delivering the I couldn't snap lots of pictures...infact I totally forgot about the candles and the cutting these are the only close-up pictures of SuperTheva

Here is the final picture of the whole scene...the tunnel..the landslide..the broken railway track...the frightened Hamtaro..and of course the Superhero..SuperTheva the greatest hero...

Finally..some of the photos during the delivery..,everybody was suprised and amazed..since they were expecting a normal superhero cake...once again I was in seventh heaven....the reaction and the faces of excitement .... no words can decribe how I Vanitha and Theva..thank you so much...hmmm...I'm waiting for your big day.... :)

A fan admiring SuperTheva in his "carriage box" before the assembly....hmm..Vanitha should be very proud with her superhero

More of the crazy and fanatic fans of SuperTheva couldn't wait to snap his photos..



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