Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a's a's Superman!..oops..IT'S SUPERTHEVA!

Sambung bila the day came, I had to reconstruct the SuperTheva..notice the "T" symbol...and this is the first time I'm going to work on the come up with the train first, was thinking to make evertyhing from fondant...but than it would be a waste..since people don't really like fondant..mesti ada yg tak tahu fondant boleh dimakan...he..he..he...mcm i masa mula2 dulu..fondant tu apa benda pun I tak tahu...fondant dibuat dari glycerine, gelatin..halal..., glucose syrup..icing sugar, shortening and air...senang saje nak buat..tapi nak mengulinya..paling I tak suka...

So I potong the cake untuk buat steam engine dr kepala..but I tak nak buat the whole my munchkin came up with the idea...the engine keluar dari tunnel..untuk buat lebih dramatic lagi..I belah dua kek tu and pisahkan as if ada tanah runtuh...baru real sikit ceritanya...the tunnel and the train dr kek yg lain...tunnel tu I salutkan dgn batubatan original...he..he..he..just kidding..but that's what some of my adik2 thought...why I letak batu atas kek? Cement was choc buttercream...

Back of the tunnel...notice the "stones" look like real

So the story of this cake...SuperTheva..being the strongest man..was trying to stop the train with his own bare hands..from falling into the land slide..notice the railway track putus..and kesan tanah runtuh...cake crumbs with cream..

(to be continued)...kena deliver cake :)


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