Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's superman..ooops sorry..IT'S SUPERTHEVA!

What I'm going to show's one of my experiment with the Melaka people..what's the reaction to this kind of cake...

Well the title tells everything....It's about a muscular and strong brother who loves to spend his time in the gym..and this cake was requested by his darling girlfriend..Vanitha as a suprise for his birthday...she placed the order two weeks in advance and requested for a Superhero cake..and she wanted Theva's face to be on the figurine..but she requested for an edible photo of him to be pasted on the superhero's face...and being me..who does not like to deal with edible picture (at the moment....ha..ha..ha..tak boleh habis cakap..takut satu hari nanti kena buat 2 cakes of Manchested United..pening I nanti. After negotiating with her, she agreed not to have the edible photo but with a promise that I will try to "copy" his image as close as possible...eventhough I do not have any idea yet how does he look like..seperti biasa le...confident aje buat janji...but actually that's the secret to all the improvement in my artwork....whenever I make any commitment will give me the challenge to better my work...

She send me the photo of her darling..and I knew I was in abig trouble once I saw the photo...well..a promise is a promise...cracked my head on how I'm going to present the cake..I knew Vanitha would only expect a cake with a superman on it..that was simple..but I just had to challenge myself as together with my darling munchkin..we cracked our head...which to show his strength only I knew that there are 100s of superheros...Finally we agreed that superman..was the best candidate..and as to show his strength...he would be trying to stop a running Diyana cadangkan..LRT...tapi mmacam biasa..i nak buat something I decided to do the steam engine...coz memang nampak power and kuat sgt...

So I started with the superman first..he had to be muscular...he is the picture...memang i puas hati sgt this time...unfortunately when the day came I couldn't use this superman..coz of it's was much bigger than the steam kenalah buat balik semula

(To be continued)

P/s : To Vanitha...this is the headless "Theva" yg mula2 I buat...but I prefer..the one which I presented kat u all...sabar..nanti sambung lagi...nak deliver cake


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